Youngest has been awake since 5. Sent Lyra to the spare room at 6ish. Elise woke at 6:30. It’s now 8 and we’ve played with Playdoh, dinosaurs and read books. The kids are now on toast and I’m on my 2nd coffee. Happy weekend! 😬


A strange truth about communicating is that we don’t get to choose whether we do it or not. In the presence of others, we are always sending messages, as helplessly as a star emits light.

The Force Field

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A friend came around this evening so Elise could give her her birthday present.

Elise and Yumo were very excited to see her and help her unwrap her present. Elise didn’t stop talking.

I felt like I saw Elise through different eyes today. It’s the wood from the trees isn’t it?

I agree with the sentiment I read on about Your School District’s Reopening Survey about it being a little too close to the truth to be funny.

Deep breath

The classroom is nearly as set up as it’s going to be. We have new students coming in tomorrow for a short while to meet us. Then we start in earnest on Monday. Most of our students will be in school, with a few not because they’re unable to get into the country.

It feels like this will be the last pause before everything becomes chaotic next week. Trying to take a moment to breathe before that all starts.

How China Controlled the Coronavirus - The New Yorker

A teacher in China recounting his experience. I haven’t had the time to read it properly yet.

He has a lot more exposure to people’s views then I do, or at least his students are just a lot older than mine. Mine are only 5.

All I can think about when reading this article about paying by the hour is… When I’m getting my hair cut, I don’t want it to be too quick - I want to get my money’s worth - but also I don’t want it to last too long - I’ll pay more for it not too!

New habits! Yeah, but will it last?

I’ve been making an effort recently with things…

  • Not using the phone around the kids
  • Less screen time all around in fact
  • Trying to be more patient with the children
  • Going to bed earlier
  • Not letting much writing in my work journal get scribbly
  • Trying to do 1 thing at a time - e.g. if I’m watching Netflix, I’m not opening a new tab, or playing on my phone. Or even, just eating!
  • being consistent in exercising but compromises have to be made.

It’s just really hard.

Enjoyed reading @MDonaldson writing about Spotify. Makes me want to make more effort to support the bands I do like on streaming platforms.

It’s strange that, by the looks of it, when our students return next week it will look normal. No social distancing or masks. Children sat together on the carpet! Together!

FYI running in 36 degree heat will leave you feeling unwell. Wouldn’t recommend it. Who knew?!

First morning done at work. Brain is now mush.

A new notebook for a new school year.

Back to school tomorrow

We’ll have a week without students and then students will start on the Monday. Will find out what that’s going to look like tomorrow.

Been a strange summer. Though, that’s perhaps an understatement in the grand scheme of things.

Am as ready as I’ll ever be.


Yumo is potty training, which we’re hoping will be easier since he wants to do what his older sister does, but we’re in the habit of high fiving after he’s done it. I’d be ok with doing that forever.

Nervous flyer

I remember the first time I was nervous flying.

Growing up, it’s not that we flew a lot but when we did it was relatively long flights. So i’ve always been fine flying. It’s the safest form of travel! All the same, you’re pretty high in the air arent’ you often over boundless stretches of water,

It was after Elise was born and suddenly everything was different. The first time we flew a shortish flight and I was suddenly nervous on take off. It wasn’t about just me anymore.

I think this thought popped up because I was in the hospital today and that’s always a good place to get you thinking about things.

Finished our night away with a trip to the hospital after getting my finger very briefly trapped in a nice heavy door.

Even if I’m not taking part I’m really enjoying the photos from the contest! Thank you everyone!

I do not need to buy new stationary. I do not need to buy new stationary.

Am resisting the urge that to take the next step I need to buy new stuff to do it. When it’s true that the things I have already are probably* enough.


An afternoon sat on the floor of our hotel room cutting and sticking was very relaxing!

Day/night away

Grandparents are in and we’ve gone away, mostly visiting places that are popular online. Pho, then coffee, check in, ice cream and now day drinking and worms.

Full names.

It’s interesting to hear Elise talking to classmates as she leaves school. In Chinese she uses their full name - which is normally two or three characters and so that many ‘sounds’. So, it doesn’t make saying the whole name too long.

I thought how strange that would be if children did that in the UK or similar places.


Another day, another new place. This was to try some new tea based drinks. Those these ones are based more on the traditional tea people drink. Which is really not my… cup of tea.